Current Surveys available for Member Participation
Canadian Frailty Network  -  Priority Setting 
Questionnaire Close Date:  May 8, 2017

Where would you like to see research on frailty?  If you have an interest in or experience with frailty - including as someone living with it, a friend, family member, caregiver, or health and social care provider – this study wants your insights to help shape frailty research in Canada. Please share your knowledge and complete the questionnaire at

WFPICCS Global Health Survey for colleagues in High Resource Countries (HRC)
Deadline extended:  March 31, 2017
Survey Information and Survey Access:  Increasing GDP has opened up opportunities for low and middle-resource countries to build capacity in critical care for children. However, there is a need for expertise to enable rational use of resources and to enable best outcomes. The WFPICCS Global Health Initiative (GHI) intends to mobilize its membership to assist colleagues in low and middle-resource countries in these endeavors.  We would appreciate if you could complete the following survey.  WFPICCS may contact you for follow-up information. This study does request your name/job title and will take approximately five minutes to complete.  This study will be reviewed by the Seattle Children’s Hospital IRB and anticipate exempt status.  Please contact WFPICCS at or Dr. Ndidi Musa at (206)987-2140 for any questions or comments regarding this survey.
Canadian Nurses Association Position Statements

The Canadian Nurses Association (CNA), has revised CNA’s position statements, International Trade and Labour Mobility(2009), Nurses and Environmental Health (2009) and Climate Change and Health (2009)As an important stakeholder, we are seeking your perspectives and advice to ensure that the content of these position statements reflects current themes and priorities. We ask that you read the position statements and then determine if there is feedback that you can provide. Here are the links to the surveys where you can provide feedback:

Here are the links to the revised position statements:

We would ask that you please review the position statements and provide your feedback by May 8, 2017.

If you have any questions, on the International Trade and Labour Mobility position statement please contact Josette Roussel at or at 1-800-361-8404, ext. 229, or at.  For questions on the Nurses and Environmental Health or Climate Change and Health position statements, please contact Karey Shuhendler at or at 1-800-361-8404, ext. 410