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    Dynamics 2014 Call for Abstracts

     IMPORTANT:  Please review the following information carefully before proceeding with your abstract submission.  The instructions for submission can be downloaded for printing/reference.

    Dynamics 2014 Call for Abstracts

    Download:  Submission Guidelines:  English

    Relevé impriméLignes directrices pour la soumission des abrégés: Francais

    Abstract Submission Guidelines

    • Abstracts must be submitted via the CACCN website at www.caccn.ca
    • Submission Deadline:  January 31, 2014 by 23:59 ET
    • Incomplete submissions will not be accepted
    • All requested abstract requirements must be met including:
    • full name and  credentials of all authors/presenters
    • first author contact information, any relevant disclosures
    • Modification of the abstract and authors/presenters cannot be made after submission
    • Abstract submission indicates acceptance of and compliance with the rules outlined in this document. Failure to adhere to these rules will result in rejection of the abstract.

    Preparing Your Abstract Submission

    The CACCN/Dynamics Abstract Submission Process includes the following requests for information:

    • Preferred format of presentation:  Oral or Poster
    • Experience level for your presentation
      • Beginner
      • Intermediate
      • Expert
      • Applicable to all
    • Focus:
      • Paediatrics
      • Adults
      • Applicable to all
    • Type of Topic
      • Clinical
      • Education
      • Research
      • Leadership

    Accessing the System:

    • Members - you will need your CACCN user name and password.  If you have forgotten, click here
    • Non-Members - you will create a user name and password to access the system.

    Abstract Submission Requirements

    • First Author/Presenter Contact Information
    • Biography for First Author/Presenter (500 character maximum)
    • Co-Author/Presenter(s) Names, City, Province and Credentials:  list all co-authors of your abstract even if they will not be presenting at Dynamics should the abstract be accepted
    • The submitting author is considered also to be the first / presenting author
    • Submissions must be evidence-informed and ideally address the conference theme
    • Be concise when writing the abstract description and the abstract submission.
    • Abstract title (maximum of 130 characters incl. spaces). The title and references are not included in the character count.
    • Abstract description (maximum of 1,000 characters, incl. spaces).
    • Abstract submission (maximum of 2,000 characters, incl. spaces). 
    • Special Characters - avoid the use of the following characters in your abstract as the characters may not download correctly  -  #   %   $   &   (  )   !   +
    • The abstract submission must be de-identified
      • Remove identifying information in the title, description or body of the abstract or in the reference document
      • i.e.  do not include author names, hospital names, city, province, acronyms, etc.
    • References:
      • Submit five (5) key references only, in APA format
      • References submitted in an incorrect format will be returned to first author/presenter for revision
      • References must be uploaded at the time of submission (Word/PDF)
      • APA Formating Resources:  Perdue Owl  Son of Citation
    • The submitting author is required to disclose any conflict of interest on behalf of all authors.

    Important Points

    • Submission of an abstract constitutes a commitment by the author(s) to present the abstract as accepted.
    • Authors of accepted abstracts are expected to register for the conference and pay the conference registration fee, unless they qualify and apply for member coupon benefits.
    • Expenses associated with the preparation, submission and presentation of an abstract are the responsibility of the presenting author(s).
    • Upon successful submission, presenters will receive a confirmation email with an abstract number (please retain this information)
    • Notification regarding abstract selection will be provided by no later than March 15, 2014 via email to the first author / presenter.
    • All correspondence will be with first author/presenter only.
      • The first author/presenter is responsible for communicating all relevant information to their co-authors.
    • In the event that the first author/presenter is unable to attend Dynamics, one or more of the co-author/presenter(s) may be appointed as the first author and may present instead.
      • If the first author has registered for the conference at the time of withdrawal as a speaker, the registration fees paid will be refunded as per the Dynamics registration refund schedule
      • The co-author/presenter will need to register separately.
    • Abstracts will be published in Dynamics: Journal of the Canadian Association of Critical Care Nurses and in the Member Area of the CACCN website at caccn@caccn.ca
    • Abstract Withdrawal:   Abstracts selected for presentation may be withdrawn through email notification to CACCN National Office before July 1st 2014. 

    Questions may be directed to:
    Dynamics 2014 Abstracts  - Email: caccn@caccn.ca
    Toll Free: 1-866-477-9077 * Telephone: (519) 649-5284
    Facsimile: (519) 649-1458

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