Certification Listings



CACCN extends congratulations to all CACCN Members who have successfully written the CNA certification exam or renewed their certification. 

Previous Years

​Program is currently on hold: Each year, CACCN awards CACCN members who have successfully certified or renewed their certification in our specialty:   CNCC(C) and CNCCP(C).  CACCN draws the successful recipients annually at the Dynamics of Critical Care Conference.  The monetary value of the award is $250.00 and eight awards are drawn. 

** To qualify, one must be a current/active member of CACCN as of September 1st of the year certification attained  (date may vary depending on conference dates) and must have provided the CNA with permission to include their name/address on the CNA certification listing for that year. CACCN will print the names of CACCN members in the Canadian Journal of Critical Care Nursing if their name appears on the CNA certification lising.  Those members who are not on the CNA listing printed in the journal, may contact CACCN National Office to advise of certification or certification renewal and will be added to the listings on the CACCN website.