International Delegates

We are pleased to offer letters of invitation to registered nurse attendees who require them for Visa Applications.  

We strongly advise that all international attendees review the new requirements from the Government of Canada - Immigration and Citizenship.  

Review the information below BEFORE making a request for a Letter of Invitation.

  • Letters will not be provided before March 31, 2017
  • ​Letters will not be issued for requests that are not fulling completed
  • Letters will be issued only for the duration of the conference.
  • Letters will be addressed only to the name of individual, attending the conference.
  • Letters will not be extended to the individual's colleagues, friends and/or family members. 
  • It is the attending individual’s responsibility to cover all expenses, related to their participation at the Dynamics of Critical Care Conference (including registration, travel, accommodation, medical insurance and visa processing fees).
  • CACCN cannot and will not assist with the Visa process, tuition funding for the conference, healthcare, travel expenses, accommodation expenses or expenses for travel documents.
Disclaimer: CACCN reserves the right to decline any request for a letter of invitation. CACCN has no influence on an individual’s application to a Canadian Consulate for a Visa to travel to Canada and is not responsible for the outcome of an individual’s Visa application.
Requesting a Letter of Invitation:
  • Complete the required information form
  • Include all information requested on the form. 
  • ​​​​Print and sign the form
  • Scan and email the form to CACCN National Office - or fax to +1-1-519-649-1458
  • Title the email/fax:  Dynamics 2017 Conference Letter of Invitation Request
  • Conference Invitation Request Form  ​(fillable form - complete and print)
  • Conference Invitation Request Form  (PDF - print and complete)