Bursaries and Grants


CACCN Awards are accepted by online submission only.  
Award criteria, value and/or availability may change without notice. 
 Please see the Overall Award, Bursary, Grant Critieria as well as the award information below.


Canadian Intensive Care Week Spotlight Challenge Bursary  - Presented annually to a group of critical care nurses who develop an activity and/or event to profile their local Critical Care Team during Canadian Intensive Care Week.

Certification Bursary - Presented twice annually to provide funding to assist critical care nurses who successfully certify or renew their certification in our specialty - CNCC(C) and CNCCP(C).

  • Bursary:  
    • Two annually - Initial Certification @ $500 X 2 (1 spring/1 fall)
    • Four annually -  Renewal Certification @ $250 X 4 (2 spring/2 fall)​
  • Bursary Criteria
  • Submission Deadline: 
    • Initial Certification: Spring - by March 1 /  Fall - by September 12
    • Renewal by CL Hours:  by November 1​
  • Online Submission 

Education Bursary Presented annually to provide funding to assist critical care nurses to attend a post secondary educational program directly related to the practice, administration, teaching and/or research of critical care nursing.

  • Paula Price Memorial Bursary: 
    • ​$1000 for applicants pursuing Baccalaureate education or Critical Care Certificate Programs
    • Criteria
    • Merit Points applicationmust be completed and uploaded to the online application
  • CACCN Graduate Bursary: 
    • $1000 for applicants pursuing Master’s or Doctoral education with a focus on critical care nursing​
    • Criteria
    • Merit Points application must be completed and uploaded to the online application
  • Online Submission


Research Grant - Awarded annually to a CACCN member who is the investigator of a research study that is relevant to the practice of critical care nursing.