Past Events


Spring Education Day

Traditionally, critical care has focused on providing curative, life-saving care; however there are times where the focus of care becomes palliation. Providing quality end-of-life care can be challenging in the critical care setting.

The Greater Edmonton Chapter is proud to provide a full education day on palliative care in critical care. We have organized numerous speakers: Carmel Montgomery, Charlotte Pooler, Leslie LaPierre, Brandy Love, and Dr. James Downar. The education event was on May 9th, 2016. Thanks everyone who participated.

2016 Annual General Meeting

The Greater Edmonton Chapter of the Canadian Association of Critical Care Nurses (CACCN) held the 2016 Annual General Meeting on the 15th of March at 1930 at the Robbins Learning Center, Robbins Pavilion in the Royal Alexandra Hospital (10240 Kingsway Ave), Edmonton, Alberta. Though the AGM was open only to members, the education session presented by Sarah Stauffer ('crash' course on trauma in critical care) was exceptional and well-received! Thank you, Sarah!

Fall Education Day

The fall education day of the Edmonton Chapter of CACCN was excited to present a mixed tape of speakers on Tuesday November 3rd, 2015. Speakers include Edmonton Medical Examiners, Edmonton Police Services, Addiction Recovery and Community Health Program, and medical microbiology from Infection Prevention and Control, and more. It was a loaded day of learning! Thanks to al who attended, and an extra special thanks to our speakers!

Spring Education Day

Our Spring Education day has been booked for Friday May 22nd at the Chateau Louis. We organized an exciting education day in which we "Highlight Our Hospitals:" hospitals in Edmonton presented on their specialty in the Edmonton Region. Some of the presentations included RAAPID (Referral, Access, Advice, Placement, Information & Destination) Program, High Risk Obstetrics, Rapid Response and Medical Emergency Team at the RAH and UAH. 

2015 Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting has come and gone! The meeting was held on March 24th, at 1930hr at the Chianti’s Restaurant (13712 40 Street Northwest), Edmonton, Alberta. We bid farewell to some fantastic individuals, as well as welcoming in some new talent to the executive of the Edmonton Chapter of CACCN. Critical care nurse practitioner, Brandy Love, gave an informative educational session on pain management in critical care, which was anything but dysphoric!