Educational Funding


Applications for funding by Calgary Chapter will be accepted for:

  • Tuition Fees for educational workshops
  • Tuition Fees for courses, including ACCN, degree, Masters and PhD relevant to critical care nursing
  • Registration Fees for the CNA certification examination in the Critical Care specialty area


  • Applicants must be an active member of CACCN
  • Applications must be submitted prior to attending or completing the course
  • Applications must be received on or before the following deadline dates:
    • First Quarter  (June 30)
    • Second Quarter (September 30)
    • Third Quarter (December 31)
    • Fourth Quarter (March 31)
  • Applications must be submitted within the quarter that the event occurs
  • Applications must be received within the quarter that the event occurs
  • A copy of your course registration for verification of payment must be included with the application for funding


  • Funding will be awarded based on a blind draw between all eligible applications received by each deadline date
  • Eligible applicants will receive notification regarding the results of the draw in which they are entered

How to apply: