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Dear Toronto Chapter Members:

Thank you for your membership and investment in our Toronto Chapter of the Canadian Association of Critical Care Nurses (CACCN).   Our mission to ‘Engage and inform Canadian critical care nurses through education, networking and provide a strong unified national identity’ remains the foundation of all our local and national activities.   It is important that the work we do at the Association relates to and is informed by the needs and preferences of our members.  Recently, for the Toronto Chapter, the connection to our members and our mission, is at risk due to continued vacancies in chapter leadership positions.  The National Board of Directors and Toronto & Greater Toronto Area critical care nurse leaders have been concerned that these vacancies may have limited opportunities and access to resources and inhibited our ability to achieve our mission at the national & local level.

Together the National Board of Directors and Toronto chapter leadership are issuing this urgent Call for Action for your input to help rejuvenate and sustain the benefits of an active CACCN Toronto chapter. 

Chapter Executive members work as a team to promote CACCN and critical care nursing by providing their critical care colleagues with educational events, webinars, journal clubs, newsletters and more. For a small commitment of time, chapter executive members reap the following benefits: continuing learning hours for certification; networking with your critical care colleagues across the country; assistance with tuition to the Dynamics of Critical Care Conference; increased health benefits, as it has been shown volunteering is a ‘healthy’ choice, and more.  We are seeking energetic and enthusiastic critical care nurses from Toronto and the surrounding area*, who are interested in working on the chapter leadership team.   *Toronto Chapter catchment area:  Toronto, GTA and surrounding communities East to Peterborough, Ontario West to Guelph, Ontario North to Collingwood and northeast to North Bay, Ontario

The CACCN National Board of Directors and the current chapter leadership are committed to supporting future initiatives and activities by mentoring aspiring Toronto critical care nurse leaders, and offering tangible support with administrative resources, such as teleconferencing platforms and communication strategies.   CACCN believes that the first step in strengthening a chapter is to engage you – the current chapter membership – in the hope of igniting interest in chapter leadership opportunities

We would like to hear from you!  

Survey Link: 
ime:               The survey will take approximately five minutes.
Deadline:        The survey link will be active until December 15.  

Survey Technical Issues:  contact

Should you have any questions, comments, concerns and/or interest in participating at the chapter level, please contact your local Toronto Chapter executive member(s) at and/or National Board Liaison/Office at

We look forward to hearing from you! 

Ingrid Daley, Teresa Robitaille, Veronica Breadner and Karen Dryden-Palmer - Toronto Chapter Executive and Brandi Vanderspank-Wright, Director, Board Liaison: Toronto Chapter

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