Toronto Chapter

In the beginning, the Toronto Chapter was part of the American Association of Critical Care Nurses (AACN). Our "official title" was AACN-Toronto Chapter. We were the only non-American chapter. As the National history shows, we started in 1975. Our Executive was set up just about the same way it continues today. Instead of having an annual conference, we had monthly "inservice" type meetings. We would meet at various hospitals, have a guest speaker on different topics. We would serve tea and coffee at a social time before the meeting and then have the speaker. We charged a nominal fee for non-members, and members were free. (If my memory is correct! I was on the Executive in the very late 70’s). Our first conference was held in the fall of 1980. It was after this time, that we broke away from AACN and became the National Society of Critical Care Nurses. On February 27, 1979, a group known as the Niagara Association of Critical Care Nurses (NACCN) was formed; the NACCN changed its name in 1981 to the Canadian Association of Critical Care Nurses (CACCN).  In 1983, both the NSCCN and CACCN existed as separate associations. The two groups merged as the Canadian Association of Critical Care Nurses (CACCN), adopting the logo of the NSCCN, and became incorporated in February 1983. As part of our mandate is education, we are proud to offer many choices to that end.

We offer an annual Conference each spring; Evolutions in Critical Care, which has seen attendance increase from under 100 delegates to 475 in 2003. This conference has 2 keynote speakers and 3 concurrent sessions offering 4 different choices of speakers & topics per session. We continue also, to offer full day workshops on a variety of topics.

With the money raised from our conferences, we are pleased to offer 4 different bursaries and scholarships: Sabourin University Bursary, Toronto Chapter Education Fund, Toronto Chapter Critical Care Nursing Research Fund, and Win Support for CNA - Critical Care Certification & Recertification Examinations (this is a draw for all members, where the Chapter will reimburse 2 successful candidates for the initial writing of the exam and two candidates for the renewal of their certification). 2006 has seen the launch of our brand new, incredible website:

Thanks to The Wire, a web developer company whose owner’s daughter was a patient in the Hospital for Sick Children and wanted to express his appreciation to the nurses that helped to save her life. Please check it out and let us know what you think about it.

Marsha Lipsius
Past President
Toronto Chapter