CACCN Research Grant

The CACCN Research Grant has been established to provide funds to support the research activities of a CACCN member that is relevant to the practice of critical care nursing.  A grant will be awarded annually to the investigator of a research study that directly relates to the practice of critical care nursing.

Award Funds Available:                   $ 2,500.00

Deadline for Submission:                 February 15

Send applications to CACCN National Office at or fax to 519-649-1458
or Mail to CACCN, P. O. Box # 25322, London, ON, N6C 6B1

Mailed applications must be postmarked on or before February 15.

Download Grant Criteria

CACCN Research Grant Application    (word)

CACCN Research Grant Application    (pdf)

Grant Criteria and Eligibility

The principal investigator must:

  • Be a member of CACCN in good standing for a minimum of one year
    • Note:  where a student is submitting the research grant application and is ineligible to act as the Principal Investigator, the student must be a member in good standing for a minimum of one year 
  • Be licensed to practise nursing in Canada
  • Conduct the research in Canada
  • Publish an article related to the findings in Dynamics, the Official Journal of the Canadian Association of Critical Care Nurses

CACCN members enrolled in graduate nursing programs may also apply.
Members of the CACCN board of directors and the awards committee are not eligible.

Application requirements:

  • A completed application form. 
  • A grant proposal not in excess of five pages exclusive of appendices. Appendices should be limited to essential information, e.g., consent form, instruments, budget.
  • A letter of support from the sponsoring agency (hospital, clinical program) or thesis chairperson/advisor (university faculty of nursing).
  • Evidence of approval from an established institutional ethical review board for research involving human subjects and/or access to confidential records. 

Ethical Guidelines for Nursing Research Involving Human Subjects

  • A brief curriculum vitae for the principal investigator describing educational and critical care nursing background, CACCN participation, and research experiences. An outline of their specific research responsibilities is to be included.
  • Proof of CACCN active membership.

Budget and financial administration:

  • Funds are to be issued to support research expenses.
  • Funds must be utilized within 12 months from the date of award notification.

Review process:

  • Each proposal will be reviewed by a research review committee. Its recommendations are subject to approval by the board of directors of CACCN.
  • Proposals are reviewed for potential contribution to the practice of critical care nursing, feasibility, clarity and relevance.
  • Deadline for receipt of application in CACCN national office is February 15. The recipient of the research grant will be notified by mail.


The successful applicant will be recognized at the Dynamics of Critical Care Conference and in Dynamics: the Journal of the Canadian Association of Critical Care Nurses.

Terms and conditions of the award:

The research award is to be initiated within six months of the receipt of the grant. Any changes to the study timelines require notification in writing to the board of directors of CACCN. 

  • All publications and presentations arising from the research study must acknowledge CACCN.
  • A final report is to be submitted to the board of directors of CACCN within three months of the termination date of the grant.
  • An article related to the research study is to be submitted to Dynamics, the Journal of the Canadian Association of Critical Care Nurses for publication.