CACCN Chasing Excellence Award

The CACCN “Chasing Excellence” Award is presented annually to a member of the Canadian Association of Critical Care Nurses who consistently demonstrates excellence in critical care nursing practice.   

The CACCN Chasing Excellence Award is to be used by the recipient for continued professional or leadership development in critical care nursing.

Award Funds Available        $ 1,000.00 

Deadline for Submission        June 1 

Send applications to CACCN National Office at or fax to 519-649-1458 or 
Mail to:   CACCN, P. O. Box # 25322, London, ON, N6C 6B1

Mailed applications must be postmarked on or before June 1

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The CACCN Chasing Excellence Award is a peer nominated award.  The CACCN Chasing Excellence Award is awarded to a critical care nurse who:

  • is an active member of the Canadian Association of Critical Care Nurses for a minimum of one  (1) year
  • has a primary role in direct patient care in critical care 
  • holds Canadian Nurses Association certification in critical care [CNCC(C) or CNCCP (C)] (preferred)
  • consistently practices at an expert level as described by Benner (1984) 
  • Expert practice is exemplified by most or all of the following criteria:
    • participates in quality improvement and risk management to ensure a safe patient care environment
    • acts as a change agent to improve the quality of patient care when required
    • provides high quality patient care based on experience and evidence
    • effective clinical decision making supported by thorough assessments
    • has developed a clinical knowledge base and readily integrates change and new learning to practice
    • is able to anticipate risks and changes in patient condition and intervene in a timely manner
    • sequences and manages rapid multiple therapies in response to a crisis (Benner, Hooper-Kyriakidis and Stannard, 1999)
    • integrates and coordinates daily patient care with other team members
    • advocates, and develops a plan of care that consistently considers the patient and family and ensures they receive the best care possible
    • provides education, support and comfort to patients and their families to help them cope with the trajectory of illness and injury, to recovery, palliation or death;
    • role models collaborative team skills within the inter-professional health care team
    • assumes a leadership role as dictated by the dynamically changing needs of the unit
    • is a role model to new staff and students
    • shares clinical wisdom as a preceptor to new staff and students
    • regularly participates in continuing education and professional development​

Nomination Process:

  • Three letters in support of the nominee must be sent to CACCN by the deadline 
  • One letter of support must be written by a CACCN member.  A supporting letter from a supervisor such as a unit manager or team leader is also required.
    • The nomination letters must describe three clinical examples outlining the nominee’s clinical excellence and expertise 
    • Incomplete nomination packages will not be considered.

Selection Process:

  • each nomination will be reviewed by the Canadian Association of Critical Care Nurses Awards Review Committee  
  • The awards committee reserves the right to withhold the award if no candidate meets the criteria.
  • The successful candidate will be notified by the CACCN Director of Awards and Corporate Sponsorship via email and regular mail.
  • The successful candidate will be recognized at the Awards Ceremony at the Dynamics of Critical Care Conference (annually in September);
  • The successful candidates name/photograph will be published in Dynamics, Journal of the Canadian Association of Critical Care Nurses (Winter edition);
  • Current members of the National Board of Directors are not eligible.

The Board of Directors of the Canadian Association of Critical Care Nurses retains the right to amend the award criteria.    

Benner, P., Hooper-Kyriakidis, P. & Stannard, D. (1999). Clinical Wisdom and Interventions in Critical Care A Thinking-                in-action Approach. Saunders: Philadelphia. 

CACCN Chasing Excellence Award
Revision:  January 2015