Draeger Chapter of the Year Award

The Draeger Medical Canada Inc - “Chapter of the Year” Award  is presented to recognize the effort, contributions and dedication of a CACCN Chapter in carrying out the purposes and goals of the association.

The Chapter of the Year criteria is founded on the CACCN Mission Statement and recognizes the Chapter activity in this regard with specific emphasis on Member Service, Innovation, Specialty Promotion and Fiscal/Membership Health.

Award Funds Available                   $ 500.00 plus a plaque

Deadline for Consideration:            May 31 annually

Application Process:                       Chapters must apply for consideration

Criteria for the Award Program

Please note, the following information does not include all of the criteria information.  Be sure to:

Download COTY  Criteria
Download COTY  Application  
Download COTY Calculation Sheet

Award Criteria

  • Eligible Chapter activities for the period of April 1 to March 31 each year.
  • The chapter awarded the most points will be the successful recipient of the Chapter of the Year Award.
  • In the case of a tie, CACCN BOD will determine the final recipient of the award.
  • The successful chapter will be announced at Chapter Connections Day.
  • Plaque and check will be presented at the annual awards ceremony at Dynamics by the Chapter of the Year recipients for the previous year​.
  • In the case of a tie, CACCN reserves the right to determine the recipient of the award.
  • The award recipient will be announced at Chapter Connections Day and at the annual awards ceremony at Dynamics.

Conditions for the Award Program

  • All chapters of CACCN are eligible for Chapter of the Year Award.
  • Chapters who have not submitted their Annual report and quarterly financials by the required deadline quarterly/annually to National office will not be eligible for the award 
  • Chapters will be responsible for ensuring that National Office receives all required documentation to be considered for the award.
  • Points will be awarded for only chapter activities that have been validated with supporting documentation.
  • The successful Chapter will be announced at the annual CACCN Awards Ceremony and in CACCN publications.
  • All Chapter reports / and individual chapter scores will be available for review at Chapter Connections Day/Dynamics.

Draeger Medical Canada and the CACCN Board of Directors look forward to receiving your application  -  Good luck in your endeavors!

The CACCN Board of Directors & Draeger Medical Canada retain the right to amend the award criteria as required