CACCN Mentorship Program


September 2013: The six month pilot Mentorship Program has concluded.  

The Board of Directors is currenty reviewing and evaluating
feedback from the inital pilot program.

The CACCN Mentorship Program pilot launched on January 21, 2013 with two available streams:

  • Writing for Publication -  Mentor:  Paula Price, PhD, RN
  • Professional Presentation Skills  -  Mentor:  Eugene Mondor, MN, BScN, RN
  • Biographies for Paula Price and Eugene Mondor:  Biographies

This program is intended for CACCN members who are interested in advancing their careers, knowledge base or professional affiliations in the specialty of Critical Care Nursing.

Participants enter into a voluntary relationship facilitated via the CACCN forum discussion tool

Mentees self select into available ‘rooms’ based on their identified objectives and interest in the specific discussion taking place in each room.

Rooms will have a specific domain or topic of interest that is shared by all the participants.

Mentors are volunteers who are recognized as content experts in the topic of focus and are willing to engage on line with the participant mentees and facilitate their learning/developmental objectives.

Program Goals

  1. To provide an accessible and useful mentorship program to our CACCN members. 
  2. To promote development of mentorship skills through the education and support of mentors and mentees. 
  3. To provide a nationally accessible strategy for advancing individuals and specialty knowledge within the context of the CACCN mission and objectives.

Download  CACCN Mentorship Proposal (Oct 2012)

Apply for the Mentorship Program