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CACCN participated in several interviews via radio broadcast regarding H1N1

Photo compliments of NTI/AACN, May 2012

Mary Stahl, AACN President, Teddie Tanguay, CACCN President and Kathryn Roberts, AACN President-Elect (front row l-r); Christine Halfkenny-Zellas, CACCN COO, Karen Dryden-Palmer, CACCN Vice-President, Wanda Johanson, AACN CEO, Vicki Good, AACN President-elect Designate and Tricia Bray, CACCN Director.  (back row l-r)

NTI 2012 marked the occasion to continue the excellent working relationship established in 2011 with the AACN.  Our current President's Theme, Speak with Conviction, aligns perfectly with AACN's theme of Dare To!

CACCN at NTI/AACN Conference, May 2011

Photo compliments of NTI/AACN, May 2011

Kate Mahon, president of the Canadian Association of Critical Care Nurses (front row, left) and Teddie Tanguay, vice president (right) join AACN President Kristine Peterson and (back row, from left) Wanda Johanson, CEO AACN, Mary Stahl, president-elect AACN and Kathryn Roberts, president-elect designate, AACN.

NTI marked the occasion to re-kindle a relationship that began in 1986 at CACCN’s founding. “Our current theme, ‘Find Your Voice,’ aligns perfectly with AACN’s strategic direction,” says Mahon, completing her second year as president. Tanguay, also an AACN member, follows Mahon as the next CACCN president.