Registered Exhibitors


Exhibitor Bulletin:   August 28, 2018

Insurance Requirements for Exhibitors:  CACCN and Dynamics require that every Exhibitor is responsible for ensuring that they have adequate insurance for their own personnel, exhibits and materials against all such hazards plus Commercial General Liability insurance.  Ensure the Westin Calgary and CACCN are listed as additional insured.  ‚ÄčCACCN / Dynamics, will not accept responsibility for injury to persons, loss of, or damage to products, exhibits, equipment or decorations in individual booth spaces, by fire, accident, theft, or any other causes while in the building.

Show Service Contractor and Customs:    Global Expostion Services (GES) 

Audio Visual, Electrical 

Shipping Information

There are a variety of shipping options available, however the most stress-free option is to book your shipping through Global Exposition Services (GES).

Options for Shipping:

  • Use GES Advanced Warehouse & GES Material Handling:  Ship it to the GES warehouse, order material handling services and let GES will take care of getting the items to the Westin and your booth.  Information is in the Show Design Kit.
  • Direct to Venue shipping & GES Material Handling:  Westin Shipping Label is for direct to venue shipments. Exhibitors will need to ensure the dock restrictions are taken into consideration. Exhibitors will need to order GES Material Handling to ensure the items get to the booth.  If material handling is not ordered through GES, it is the exhibitor’s responsibility to get their materials to the booth.  Information is in the Show Design Kit.
  • GES Material Handling Only – shipping with a different carrier:  Exhibitors are only using GES material handling services (and shipping with another carrier), use the GES Direct Venue shipping label which states “C/O GES…” in the address line.  Information is in the Show Design Kit.
  • Shipping Direct / Managing Own Material Handling:   Use the Westin Direct to Venue Shipping Label.  Read the Westin dock restriction information.  Please note, storage at the Westin is very limited!  Westin information.

Return the following forms to or fax to  519-649-1458

Lead Retrieval:  LeadR App  -  

  • Order by September 7:  One app key $ 199 / Five app keys $ 299 / After September 7:  One app key $ 299 / Five app keys $ 399.  Online Ordering:  click here  or complete the LeadR form and email to

Exhibit Personnel

  • Register your Exhibit Personnel by no later than September 1, 2018:  Forms coming soon!
  • Need extra badges?  $ 80.00 per badge, per day plus 5% GST (pricing subject to change due to menu selection). 
  • Registration form:  click here

Delegate Bag Insert

  • Place order in time for the insert to arrive by August 31st!   Complete the delegate bag insert form and email to

Sponsorship Opportunities

  • Please review the sponsorship opportunities: click here.  To sponsor, complete the sponsorship form and email to

Exhibitor Private Events 

  • Holding a private event during Dynamics?  Please review the Private Event information
  • Wish to send notifications to delegates for your event?  Please complete the form and email to

Social Events

  • All exhibit representatives registered for the event will receive complimentary access to the Poster and Exhibit Gala Reception - September 24.
  • Looking for more fun?  Book tickets to attend the Wild West Fun Night:  Order form



CACCN Exhibit Contact Information

Christine Halfkenny-Zellas, Chief Operating Officer
Toll Free (in Canada):  1-866-477-9077
Direct Dial:  1-519-649-5284