Chapter Reports


Chapter Reporting Documents  (updated June 2015)



Due Date

Quarterly Contact with National Office
to update on activities

February 28
May 31
September CCDay
December 31

Financial Q1, Q2
April 1 to September 30

Financial Report

October 31

Written Report 
April 1 to March 31 annually

Annual Report

April 30

Financial Reports

When completing the Financial Reports, please use the Excel Spreadsheet provided.

Each Quarter,  update the financial form in the file (June 30-September 30,
December 31-March 31), then save the file. 
At the end of the fiscal year,
when you have updated the March 31 report, the Annual Financial
will already be completed, as the spreadsheet is
set up to transfer the information you enter quarterly. 

Please ensure the following information is correct on each sheet: 
Chapter Name, Date, Name of person completing.  

Annual Report

When completing the Annual Written Report, it is a good practice to complete the information as it happens in your chapter.  (i.e. if you have an education day,
enter the information into the Annual Report).  

Keep doing this until all of your activities for the year have been updated. 
At the end of the fiscal year, all you will need to do is fine tune the entries,
add your bank balance, chapter active number and send to National Office. 

Where to Send Reports

  • Email to CACCN National Office -

Chapter Investment Information

​​Chapters may invest funds if available for the future to ensure a financial cushion.  Chapters, as with National also need to ensure we are giving back to the membership.  

Chapter Investments along with Revenue/Expenditures, should be detailed in your annual financial report presented to the Chapter membership at the Annual General Meeting. 

  • Allowable Investments:  Chapters may invest in:  chequing and/or savings accounts, money market funds, certificates of deposit and/or treasury bills. 

  • Non-allowable Investments:  Chapters may not invest in any:  stocks or bonds or in any mutual fund that invests in stocks or bonds.​​

  • ​T5: Interest:  The CACCN auditors have indicated if the chapters investment income (interest) is marginal you are not required to file a return and pay income tax on the interest that the investments earn.