General Information


CACCN National Office is pleased to provide the following information to assist you in running an effective Annual General Meeting for your chapter:

Bourinot's Rules of Order

Bourinot Rules of Order is the guiding principle used by CACCN and all Chapters. Bourinot's is based on parliamentary law and is used to maintain 'order' at the meeting.  While at first glance it may seem daunting....but running a meeting under Bourinot's Rules of Order is not difficult.

One way to ensure you have things covered is to go through your Bourinot's book and put tabs on items for quick reference such as Elections, Motions, Amending a Motion, etc.  For more information on Bourinot's Rules of Order, we also provide the following links from a quick Google search:

What is Quorum


Quorum is the term for the number of members required to be present for the meeting to proceed. All general meetings of the Association require a minumum of 2.5 percent of the general membership to be present.  

Proxy votes and late arrivals to the meeting cannot be counted for quorum.   To calculate quorum for your chapter:   Total Membership X 2.5% =  Quorum  (i.e. 85 members X 2.5% = 3 members required)

Important Information

Start the meeting on time by having the Chair (President) call the meeting to order. 

Late arriving members may enter the meeting after the call to order, however they do not have standing to vote and participate at the meeting and do not receive a voting baton. The secretary should note the late arrival on the membership listing.


​Items requiring Motion:

  • Approval of Minutes and Financial documentation
  • Approval of Financial decisions
  • Approval of Nominations
  • Approval to extend the meeting time 

The Chair (i.e. President) of the meeting moves the motion, members at the meeting second and third the motion  (see AGM script for wording).

Members must be given notice of information that will be voted on at the meeting prior to the meeting - see notice information

Motions can be amended by the membership

Motions concerning new business/items cannot be brought forth/acted on at the meeting unless ALL members of the chapter are present and agree to proceed. As it is unlikely all members will be present motions on new business/items cannot be addressed until notification is provided to all members.



May be completed through a nomination process prior to the meeting following the General Operating Bylaw # 1.

  • If you have more than one nominee - election by secret ballot is conducted
  • If you have one nominee - they are acclaimed to the position
  • If you have no nominees - you can accept nominations from the floor at the meeting OR leave the position vacant.
  • ​Appointment:​
    • If you have no nominees and a member comes forward later on for the vacant position, the executive may elect to appoint the member into the position by motion at an executive meeting.  
    • The appointment is only effective until the next Annual General Meeting.
    • If a member is appointed, a notice to the members must be sent out advising of the appointment to the position.


The secretary can use the script for recording motions, etc. as this makes it easy to prepare the AGM minutes following the meeting.

Be sure to post the draft minutes on your chapter page for members.