AGM Preparation


CACCN National Office is pleased to provide the following information to assist you in running an effective Annual General Meeting for your chapter:

General Operating Bylaw # 1

CACCN is a not for profit corporation under the Canada Not For Profit Act.  The Association and all chapters are governed by the CACCN General Operating Bylaw # 1. Chapters are no longer required to implement their own Constitution and Bylaws and can no longer use previous chapter C/B as chapter governance tools.  Chapters may use the documents as Chapter Policies, provided the information is not in conflict with the General Operating Bylaw # 1 and the CACCN Policy and Procedures.

Chapters are covered under the Chapter Policy.  Additional information relating to Chapters may be found on page 15 of the General Operating Bylaw No 1.

Preparing for the AGM  (approximately 2 months prior)

A formal AGM must be held annually.

The Chapter executive should meet to prepare the documentation required for the meeting.  Chapters should ensure they have the following prepared for the meeting:

Annual General Meeting Script Template

  • An AGM script is always a good idea as it allows the executive team to set out the flow of the meeting and the time requirements for each item.  Setting time allocations is a good practice to ensure the business of the chapter is completed within the specified timeframe for the meeting.
  • Chapters can fine tune the script template to fit your needs
  • ​Bourinot's Rules of Order 4th ed
  • AGM minutes from the previous year
  • Annual Written Report
  • Financial Report
  • Committee Report(s), if any
  • Voting batons (sampleor election to use 'raise of the hand'
  • Election ballots (if required) (sample)
  • General Rules of Order  (can be printed and provided to members)
  • Time Cards  (if you feel they are needed)
  • Current copies of membership list of active members

Notice to Members   (min 21 days prior to the meeting)

  • Notice of the Annual General Meeting to each member entitled to vote can be provided in the following manner and within the following timeframes:
    • by mail, courier or personal delivery - between twenty-one (21) and sixty (60) days prior to the meeting 
    • by telephone, electronic or other communication facility - between twenty-one (21) and thirty-five (25) days prior to the meeting
  • Provide the membership with the appropriate information or copies of the documents where voting will occur at the meeting (ie. monetary matters, nominations, etc).
  • Voting by Proxy:
    • Proxy Form Template
    • When sending the notice, provide members with a proxy vote form.  
      • Members may appoint anyone to be their proxy - the proxy does not need to be a CACCN member.
      • Members may assign their proxy vote to the Chapter Secretary and/or President. 
    • Proxy forms are due seven days prior to the meeting.
    • Proxy forms may be accepted by mail, email or fax.
    • Proxy forms must be signed by the member.

Additional AGM Information