Dynamics Journal - 1997 to 1999

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Winter 1997, Volume # 8, Issue # 4

  • Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome:  A Case Study
  • Systemic necrotizing vasculitis:  A case of Wegener’s Granulomatosis
  • Advanced Directives in Critical Care

Spring 1998, Volume # 9, Issue # 1

  • Canadian critical care nurses and advance directives
  • Determining the potential need for a bereavement follow-up program:  How well are family and health care workers’ needs currently being met?
  • Living at home on a ventilator

Summer 1998, Volume # 9, Issue #2

  • Workload measurement for resource nurses in the critical care unit:  A pilot study

Fall 1998, Volume # 9, Issue #3

  • Communication needs of patients receiving mechanical ventilation:  A pilot study
  • The use of restraints in critical care
  • Do physical restraints prevent patients from removing invasive therapeutic devices?

Winter 1998, Volume # 9, Issue #4

  • Positioning and intracranial hypertension:  Implications of the new critical pathway for nursing practice
  • An assessment of a sedative algorithm for sleep in an intensive care unit
  • Reducing emotional conflict during the organ donor process

Spring 1999, Volume # 10, Issue # 1

  • Canadian Critical Care Nurses and physical restraints
  • Striving to recapture our previous life:  The experience of families with critically ill children
  • Do-not-resuscitate patients in critical care:  Moral and ethical consideration

Summer 1999, Volume # 10, Issue # 2

  • Sucrose as analgesia for neonates experiencing “mild” pain
  • Challenging restricted visiting policies in critical care

Fall 1999, Volume # 10, Issue #3

  • Critical Care Nursing Abstracts

Winter 1999, Volume # 10, Issue # 4

  • Continuing Education:  Heliox in upper airway obstruction
  • Accuracy of leveling hemodynamic transducer systems
  • Holistic care in the critical care setting:  Application of a concept through Watson’s and Orem’s theories of nursing
  • Innovation fund report:  Guidelines for withdrawal of life support