Dynamics Journal - 2014 onward


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Fall Volume 28, Number 3

  • To follow

Summer Volume 28, Number 2

  • Delirium in the Intensive Care Unit - A Nursing Refresher
  • Dynamics 2017 Abstracts - Oral and Poster

Spring Volume 28, Number 1

  • Nurse's experiences of providing care to bereaved families who experience unexpected death in intensive care units:  A narrative overview
  • End-of-life care in the ICU:  Supporting nurses to provide high-quality care
  • Implementation of a unique RRT model in a tertiary care centre in Western Canada


Winter Volume 27, Number 4

  • Impact on shift work on critical are nurses
  • Informal debriefing:  Underutilization in critical care settings
  • Moral distress and burnout among cardiovascular surgery intensive care unit heathcare professionals:  A prospective cross-sectional survey

Fall Volume # 27, Number 3

  • Critical care nursing north of the 60th Parallel:  A qualitiative pilot study
  • Changing laws on medical assistance in dying:  Implications for critical care nurses
  • Intensive care nurses' assessment of pain in patients who are mechanically ventilated: How a pilot study helped to influence practice

​Summer Volume # 27, Number 2

  • Dynamics 2016 Abstract Edition

Spring, Volume # 27, Number 1

  • ​Critical    care    nursing:    Embedded    complex    systems
  • Continuous    Renal    Replacement    Therapy    (CRRT)    practices    in    Canadian    hospitals:    Where   are    we    now?
  • An    integrative    review    of    in    situ    simulation    training:    Implications    for    critical    care    nurses​

Winter, Volume # 26, Number 4

  • ​Critical    care    nurses’    decisions    regarding    physical    restraints    in    two    Canadian    ICUs:    A    prospective    observational    study    
  • Safety    implications    of    the    dose    change        alert    function    in    smart    infusion    pumps    on    the    administration    of    high-alert    medications

Fall Volume # 26, Number 3

  • An educational approach for "non-compliant" patients
  • Checklist    to    meet    Ethical    and    Legal    Obligations    in    the    consent    pathway    for    critically    ill    patients    (ChELO):        A    quality    improvement    project    and    case    studies
  • Approach    to    unplanned    extubations    in    a    pediatric    intensive    care    unit

Summer Volume # 26, Number 2

  • Dynamics 2015 Abstract Edition

Spring, Volume # 26, Number 1

  • ​Atrial    electrogram    interpretation    improves    after    an    innovative    education    program
  • A    social    construction    of    the    development    of    ICU    nursing    in    Canada,    1960    to    2002

Winter, Volume # 25, Number 4

  • ​Silent witnesses:  Student nurses' perspectives of advocacy and end-of-life care in the intensive care unit
  • Exploring the effectiveness of the Oxygen Supply and Demand Framework in nursing education
  • Barriers to achieving a time-to-target temperature goal in post-cardiac arrest patients treated with mild therapeutic hypothermia

Fall Volume # 25, Number 3

  • The relationship between empowerment and work environment on job satisfaction, intent to leave, and quality of care among ICU nurses
  • A role for nurse practitioners in the ICU:  Advocating for change

Summer Volume # 25, Number 2

  • Dynamics 2014 Abstract Edition

Spring Volume # 25, Number 1

  • ​The Relation of Critical Care Nurses' Information Seeking Behaviour With Perception of Personal Control, raining and Non-Routineness of the Task
  • Subglottic Secretion Volume and Viscosity:  The Effect of Systemic Volume and Oral Hydration
  • ISMP Canada:  Vasopressor Stewardship: A Case Report and Lessons Shared