Saskatchewan Chapter

Saskatchewan is one of Canada's prairie provinces with a population of 1,117,503, with most individuals living in the southern half.  Regina and Saskatoon are the two major cities within the province.   Both cities have a variety of critical care areas within their hospitals.   The CACCN Saskatchewan Chapter is based out of Regina with many different members accross our lovely prairie province, "The Land of the Living Skies".  

The Saskatchewan Chapter currently has five executive members sitting on the board and we are always looking for individuals interested in joining our team. Although all of the executive members are based out of Regina, the Saskatchewan Chapter has been communicative with all its members across the province through emails.

Our goals and objectives for the year are:

  1. To promote critical care nursing
  2. To provide educational opportunities
  3. To increase CACCN membership in Saskatchewan
  4. To communicate with the membership
  5. To plan an education day
  6. To provide funding to the membership for conference attendance

CACCN Saskatchewan Executive Members  


Carla Hartman -


Guylaine Gotchia-

Secretary Tina Rackman
Treasurer Elana Straub

Fundraising Leader

Jennifer Graf-

Education Leader 

Carla Hartman -

Jennifer Graf-

Publications Leader

Carla Hartman-

Past President

Jennifer Graf-

Marion Hutchinson-

Upcoming Events 

    • Follow us on facebook for upcoming education events -
    • We are currently looking for passionate and committed individuals to join our executive team.  If you are interested in being more involved at a local level, as a member at large, as a committee member, or as a regional or unit rep/liason, please contact us at

Additional Information

Chapter Newsletters

CNA Certification Exam Funding Information (under construction)

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Chapter Policies (under construction)

For more information on the Saskatchewan Chapter, please contact us at